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expression through the art of dance...

Centre Stage Academy of Dance provides fun and structured classes in Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Jazz and Musical Theatre.

*Spring Term 2016*

Term Commences:
Monday 11th April 2016

Half Term:
Monday 30th May 16 - Sunday 5th June 2016

Term Ends:
Monday 25th July 2016




Bella & Barnaby Ballet Bears

Why Not join us for pre-school ballet...

Contact Us...

Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte
Tel: 07968609322
Email: charlotte@centrestage

Classical Ballet
helps to develop poise, discipline of the body, and expression through the enjoyment of classical dance.
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Modern Jazz
teaches rhythmic co-ordination through a structured syllabus, and develops the distinct style of modern dance.
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Tap Dance

Tap Dancing
helps to develop rhythms and sounds through a fun structured class.
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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre
Musica Theatre is a form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance.
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Commercial Jazz
teaches a range of styles and techniques combined to create the dance styles you in music videos and on stage.
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Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance
is an upbeat form of dance incorporating technical steps seen in musicals and stage shows.
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